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Interview Exam

The interview will test the candidate’s knowledge of overall patrol functions and duties and to evaluate their knowledge of ski patrol operations as known by an experienced patroller. The candidate’s response to questions of various safety, legal or customer related situations will be evaluated.

Subject areas may include, but are not limited to the following:

Hill safety

  • morning trail checking procedures
  • hazards
  • open or close a trail and why
  • trail junctions
  • obstacles
  • grooming and snowmaking equipment
  • lift evacuation
  • lift operations and maintenance
  • risk management
  • incident investigation
  • terrain park operations
  • serious injuries
  • afternoon trail checking procedures


Patrol Policies

  • opening and closing times
  • chain of command
  • marking tickets
  • alcohol use and guest behavior
  • managing guests with unsafe equipment
  • search and rescue
  • guests encountered on closed trails
  • aid belt/pack contents
  • sled contents
  • first aid room contents
  • level of care, activation of local EMS and ACLS
  • patrol communications
  • patrol image – conduct, appearance and expectations
  • CPR on the hill
  • missing person
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